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Chloroform today is found in numerous things such as automobile exhaust, sewage treatment plants, and by-products of chlorinated drinking water. Chlorine is added to drinking water to kill the bacteria found in the water. The chlorinated water then contains impurities of chloroform. The total release of chloroform in the air around us is estimated to be 470,000 tonnes per year just in 1997 ( Chloroform is also used in numerous pesticides, as well as dyes, however in 1982 chloroform can not be used as pesticide in California.  It is also used in rubber, grease, floor polish, and even gum. Another use of it is in dry cleaning to help remove stains. Chloroform is also used in the production of fluorocarbons and heat transfer medium in fire extinguishers. Chloroform can also be found sometimes in various cosmetics. Chloroform is also commonly found as a biocide due to the fact that it kills almost all bacteria and viruses. Beginning  1999, chloroform has been use in the production of hydrochlorofluoro-22, a refrigerant, instead of dichlorodifluoromethane which is used in commercial freezers and home air conditioners.