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The Movies







           You see it in movies all the time. The bad guy nocks out the helpless victim by holding a rag soaked in chloroform over their mouth and nose. In fact if held their long enough the person inhaling it will become unconscious in the matter of minutes. Normally it does not take more then 15 minutes for the effect of chloroform to cause a person to pass out. The chloroform will stay active in a personís body if they keep breathing it. Once you stop breathing the chloroform it take about 15 to 20 minutes for some of the effects to wear off. If the chloroform does not kill the person, the victim will be extremely nauseas with a headache and other symptoms. Chloroform works when someone inhales it and the gas becomes dissolved in your bloodstream. When the gas and blood reach your brain they somehow put your neuron cells to sleep. If you breathe in to much chloroform and not enough oxygen, your breathing slows down and your body can not get rid of the carbon dioxide. At this stage to much chloroform in the body will result in death.